Thank you for your attention and care of my boy "Copper". Saying goodbye to him was the HARDEST THING I have ever had to do. You ALL made this task bearable. My sincere thanks to your entire staff for helping me and "Copper" live his last years with joy and dignity to the end.
Carolyn Wesson and Casey Rae

Thank you so much for your patience and kindness when dealing with me and all my dear creatures. There was a great deal of sentiment wrapped around old "Elroy". He was a part of my family for a very long time and there were so many memories of which he was a part of. Plus know how much you are appreciated.

Thank you greatly for the person that you are! You are very special and I am so grateful for your generosity and kind heart. Thank you so much fortaking care of Juman before and after his death! I wish I could find a way to repay you! Words leave me when I try to tell you how grateful I am! Your staff and family are blessed to have you! I am so blessed to have you as a veterinarian and friend! I look forward ro using you again in the future. As time heals me, I will open my heart again to another horse! Thank you!
Terra Thompson