Large Animal Services

General Health and Wellness Care

Many illnesses are predictable and preventable. Preventive care is what you want for your horse. Our wellness care programs will lay a foundation for the horse's life. Comprehensive physical exams, vaccinations parasite exams, Coggins and fecal testing are scheduled on both an annual and semi-annual basis.

Lameness Exams

Escatawpa Animal Clinic offers routine Lameness Exams. This exam includes both Visual and Palpation/Manipulation Exams. The Palpation/Manipulation routinely includes; Foot, Fetlock, Pastern, Metacarpus/tarsus, Carpus, Elbow, Shoulder, Tarsus, Stifle, femur and Hip.

Pre-Purchase Exams

Pre-purchase exams are recommended for all horse purchases. Exams at the Escatawpa Animal Clinic include a routine physical, a lameness exam along with routine fecal, blood-work and Coggins test. Exams last about an hour and a half to 3, but can be adjusted to include such tests as X-Rays and Ultra-sounds.


Dental exams are recommended 1 - 2 times a year. Early corrections of abnormalities like retained deciduous teeth (caps), uneven wear, sharp edges and points will prevent future problems of mastication (chewing) nutrition and performance.